David Beckham, the MLS king

David Beckham is finally a champion in the United States. His Los Angeles Galaxy team won the MLS final. After spending five years in the Californian team without winning a title, Becks finally has the trophy he had been vying for, ever since he signed in 2007.

Major League Soccer and Los Angeles Galaxy recouped their investment a while back. A league supremo even stated that the championship would be far less popular without Beckham. TV rights have increased thanks to him, and are generating massive revenue. Since the Brit’s arrival, the LA stadium has seen match attendance increase, with over 17,000 supporters per game. More than in the NBA or NHL. Beckham’s MLS experience has also allowed several other European players, like Thierry Henry, to play on American teams.
That’s why at 36, David Beckham still has plenty of clubs interested. The millions made in marketing alone attract a number of clubs, especially Paris and Tottenham. 

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