Dani Alves is single!

After disappointing Word Cup with the Brazilian team, and having played an irregular season with FC Barcelona, the bleach hair defender, Dani Alves, announced his break up with the actress Thaissa Carvalho. The Brazilian couple was together for 2 years. A relationship which came after his last union with Santa Ana Dinorah, the mother of his children (Victoria and Daniel).

The two lived a long distance and complicated relationship because the soccer player is in Spain while his girlfriend has a career as an actress in Brazil. Moreover, Thaissa became jealous about the friendship between Dani Alves and Fernanda Penido, a local tv show star in Brazil, with who he had lunch recently.

But the 31 years old Brazilian said this rumor was false. Yet, the two partners break up on goods terms if we believe their posts on Instagram.

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