Ten years later, fans still remember D’Angelo’s infamous “How Does It Feel?” video, where they watched the soul singer’s well-oiled abs tense and relax as he stood, presumably naked, and sang his heart out. Since those days, D’Angelo has had a string of run-ins with the police for possession of cocaine and marijuana, and drunk driving.

D’Angelo’s latest brush with the law comes along with allegations of solicitation, which is what New York police say the Grammy Award-winner was doing this past weekend when he allegedly approached an undercover officer and offered $40 in exchange for oral sex.

Police arrested the 36-year-old singer, born Michael Archer, early on Saturday, March 6 and charged him with solicitation.
By Monday, D’Angelo’s manager Lindsay Guion released a statement to address the allegations: “We know there is a lot of speculation in regard to the arrest of D’Angelo in New York City this past weekend. We would like his fans and the public at large to know that D’Angelo has pled not guilty — and is contesting the allegations made against him.”

Not to miss a promotional opportunity, the statement also reminds fans that D’Angelo is slated to release his third album sometime this year. “Also know that, he is in good health and extremely excited about his forthcoming new album,” the statement reads.

Written by Shaira Brereton

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