Dance in South Africa

The annual FNB Dance Umbrella, now in its 22nd year, is currently taking place in South Africa. It’s all happening in Johannesburg from 27 February until 14 March 2010.
The Dance Umbrella is a festival of rhythm, movement and music, celebrating different dance styles.

This years Dance Umbrella will see South African street dancers collaborating with a Paris based break dance crew called Wanted Posse. The dancers have been living together for two weeks. They have been working on the dance piece they have collectively titled “Konexion.” Different styles of street dancing will be merged together ranging from break dance to hip hop and gumboot. This is a great opportunity for the South African and French dancers to learn from each other through dialogue of dance.

“Konexion” will be staged at the Market Theatre from 5 to 7 March 2010.

The gala event that will be taking place at the University of Johannesburg’s Art Centre will see some of the best dance choreographies from the past 10 years being showcased.

Written by Sam Zungu

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