• In 2007, Chris was named one of PEOPLE’s “Most Beautiful” celebrities 
  • Chris Brown’s dancing skills is ascribed to Michael Jackson 
  • Chris Brown says that Michael Jackson was one of his biggest music inspirations
  • Chris Brown used to be a part of a church choir 
  • Before fame, Chris Brown used the stage name “C-Syzle”




  • DJ Sliqe’s real name is Lutendo Kungoane


  • In 2013 DJ Sliqe released his first single that he co-produced with Sipho ’Psyfo’ Ngwenya, which he considers to be his ‘big break’ 
  • In 2020, DJ Sliqe was appointed by Sony Music Entertainment Africa as the Head of Hip-Hop/R&B at Sony Music Entertainment south Africa 
  • Dj Sliqe says he wanted to increase the volume of dream hip hop collaborations, filling the gaps and feeding the hungry hip hop nation.” 
  • Dj Sliqe dropped out of university to pursue his music career 



  • Doechii’s birth name is Jaylah Hickmon
  • Barack Obama included Doechii’s hit single “Persuasive” in his 2022 Summer Playlist roundup 
  • Doechii is signed to Top Dawg Entertainment
  • Doechii was included in XXL’s “2022 Freshman Class”
  • Doechii started playing the piano when she was in school 



  • Latto was a part of the XXL Freshman Class in 2020
  • Latto’s  real name is Alyssa Michelle Stephens 
  • Latto changed her stage name from ‘Mulatto’ to ‘Latto
  • Latto appeared on the reality TV series ‘The Rap Game’
  • Latto was raised in Atlanta 



  • Kanye West has won 21 Grammy Awards 
  • Kanye West’s father was part of the Black Panther Party in the 1960s
  • At the age of 10, Kanye West moved with his mother to Nanjing, China, where she was teaching at Nanjing University as part of an exchange program
  •  Kanye West founded the Kanye West Foundation to help disadvantaged youth excel in school, arts and music programs
  • Some of Kanye West’s biggest influences for his debut album included Common, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, and Jay-Z



  • Dj Clen is a South African club Dj, music compiler and producer 
  • Dj Clen has collaborated with esteemed South African rappers such as A-Reece and Jay Jody 
  • Dj Clen has 15.9K monthly listeners on Spotify 
  • Dj Clen released his first single in 2017 titled “I Do” 
  • Dj Clen released his first album titled “Missing In Action” in 2018 



  • Lil Yachty worked at McDonald’s to supplement his income early in his career
  • Lil Yachty’s birth name is Miles Parks McCollum
  • Lil Yachty’s alter-ego is ‘Lil Boat’ 
  • Lil Yachty refers to his music as ‘bubblegum trap’ 
  • Lil yachty was a model for Kanye West in Yeezy Season 3 



  • Lizzo formed a rap group at the age of 14
  • Lizzo was part of a marching band when she was in University
  • Lizzo played a performer in the British reality television series Made in Chelsea in 2014. 
  • Lizzo refers to herself as a ‘self-proclaimed nerd’
  • Lizzo loves to watch Anime, her favourite Anime series is Sailor Moon



  • Summer Walker is an Aries 
  • Summer Walker was discovered by a studio manager of Love Renaissance, an Atlanta-based record label.
  • Summer Walker was inspired by iconic artists such as Amy Winehouse and Erykah Badu 
  • Summer Walker taught herself how to play the guitar 
  • Before her singing career took off, Summer Walker had her own company called ‘Summer So Clean’ 




  • Metro Boomin’s real name is Leland Tyler Wayne
  • Metro Boomin began making beats when he was 13 years old 
  • Metro Boomin is also known as Young Metro or simply Metro
  • When Metro Boomin was in high school, Metro’s mother would often drive him for over eight hours from St. Louis to Atlanta to collaborate with artists he met online
  • Metro Boomin was 19 years old when he released his first mixtape called 19 & Boomin



  • Chloe’s dad started teaching her how to write songs at the age of ten
  • Chloe is also inspired by artists such as Grimes, Missy Elliott, Imogen Heap, Tune-Yards, and R&B music
  • Chloe’s mentor is Beyonce
  • Chloe, together with her sister Halle, has earned 5 Grammy nominations
  • Chloe is signed to Columbia Records and Parkwood Entertainment



  • Alicia Keys has nine Billboard Music Awards to her name
  • Alicia Keys is a classically trained pianist 
  • Alicia Keys started composing music when she was nine years old 
  • Alicia Keys was 15 years old when she was to Columbia Records 
  • Alicia Keys’ birth name is Alicia Augello Cook



  • Kim Petras is a German singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles, California
  • Kim Petras signed with Amigo and Republic Records in 2021
  • Kim Petras began recording music as a teenager
  • Kim Petras credits the late 1990s and early 2000s pop scene, as well as 1980s Italo disco, as the primary basis for her sound
  • Kim Petras refers to her loyal fanbase as her “Bunheads.”



  • Central Cee grew up in West London 
  • Central Cee’s birth name is Oakley Neil H. T. Caesar-Su
  • Growing up, Central Cee was surrounded by reggae, jazz, dancehall and rap music 
  • Central Cee rose to prominence in 2020 with the release of the singles “Day in the Life” and “Loading”
  • Central Cee attributes his success to his community

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