Cristiano Ronaldo Refuses to sign Autograph for girl

Things aren’t looking up for Cristiano Ronaldo! If the Portuguese footballer does end up winning the European crown, no one will remember the events that preceded the tournament. But for the time being, Ronaldo’s on a decidedly unlucky streak. We recently reported about the alleged nightclub incident he was involved in, in Lisbon, late May. The Portuguese striker is said to have flirted with a young woman, sparking the furor of her boyfriend. Unsurprisingly, his girlfriend Irina Shayk wants to get to the bottom of this affair and demands answers.

But that’s not all. In early June, another affair is wreaking havoc on the footballer’s tournament preparation. Cristiano Ronaldo is being criticized in his home country Portugal for refusing to sign an autograph for a 10-year-old girl because she was wearing a Barcelona FC shirt. Displaying a lack of maturity and humility that shocked the entire country.

Rough times for the Portuguese star, who will get a chance to wipe his slate clean by displaying his best game in Ukraine and Poland. But will he be able to put all this behind him and lead his team to victory? We’ll see soon enough.

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