Cristiano Ronaldo discusses his family life

It’s Cristiano Ronaldo like you’ve never seen him before! A few days before the Euro 2012 kick-off, the captain of the Portuguese squad looked back over his past decade on the pitch with Portuguese television network SIC. For over 30 minutes, Ronaldo chatted about football, his image, family, his father, his girlfriend Irina and his relationship with his two-year-old son. Cristiano Ronaldo even declared that he wouldn’t be against having another child sometime in the future.

But for the time being, a mere mention of Cristiano Junior is enough to make his face light up. The Portuguese striker admits that he’s been on cloud nine since the birth of his son. This daddy bear spends a lot of time with him and always tries to set aside time to play with him. These days, Cristiano Junior is learning how to talk. And his three first words are “football”, “car” and “daddy”… Like father like son! In fact, the most interesting tidbit contained in this rare interview concerns his offspring. Ronaldo declared that Cristiano Junior was free to do what he liked with his life, that he’d always be there to support him, but that if he ever decided to become a footballer, he’d want his son to be even greater than him. Looks like little Cristiano has his work cut out for him!

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