Cristiano Ronaldo covers child’s cancer treatment

Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t just the arrogant, self-centered character portrayed in the media. The captain of the Portuguese squad also has a big heart. “Canarias Investiga” reveals that Ronaldo paid for the cancer treatment of a nine-year-old Real Madrid fan called Nuhazet.

A few weeks ago, doctors told the young boy’s parents to stop treatment. For two years now, Nuhazet’s cancer has been spreading and doctor’s had given up hope of being able to save him. That’s when one of his cousins decided to grant him one last wish: to meet his hero, Cristiano Ronaldo. The meeting took place on the day before Real Madrid clinched the Spanish title. The following day, the player even dedicated his first goal to the boy.

Moved by Nuhazet’s story, Ronaldo decided to cover the entire cost of a very expensive and experimental cancer treatment developed in America. After undergoing an operation to remove tumours from his cervical vertebrae, Nuhazet appears on the road to recovery. A touching story which shows the general public that despite his public persona, Cristiano Ronaldo is deep down a generous soul.

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