Crazy celebrity things sold on The Internet

The tooth of John Lennon
Acquired by a Canadian dentist for the modest sum of $33,000 in 2011, the ambitious dentist wanted to clone The Beatles’ leader from his dental DNA to raise his as his own son.

The Snoop Dogg’s old shed from his backyard
In 2008, his “sanctuary” is offered for sale to raise funds for his “Snoop Youth Football League”. Main selling point: “Lots of stars have experienced an unforgettable moment in the tool shed.” Snoop is no shortage of resources.

An iconic pink frilly dress of Lily Allen
In 2010, the singer is auctioning one of her gorgeous fuchsia ball gowns to help Haiti victims. Still no sign of assessment for the fashion victims who perished that day.Kim Kardashian’s used bras
The reality TV star held a charity sale – which was filmed, of course, for Keeping Up with the Kardashians – at her home where she put various odds and ends up for sale. But the weirdest offering was her used bras.

Hair and pee Britney SpearsIn 2007, while Britney literally cracked and shaves his head in front of paparazzi who rubbed their hands, eBay auctions take an impressive scale with amounts ranging up to $1 million to have the scalp of the star. Removed from eBay because it did not respect the terms and conditions of the site, the hair haven’t been sold. However, in 2007, an used pregnancy test of Britney was sold for $5,000

The bread chewed by Justin Timberlake
While he was still a member of the super group NSync, a loaf end left by the singer was found in a restaurant and then sold $1,025 to a fan. Justin’s DNA has now a price.A lock of hair of Justin Bieber
In 2011, a lock of hair of the singer was sold for $40,668. That’s more than you will ever spend at the hairdresser in your lifetime.
A piece of bread chewed by a member of One Direction
Not convinced by the first bite, one of the group members dropped the end of a slice on an Australian TV tray. It was later sold nearly 65,000 pounds or about $90,000.

A false nail of Lady Gaga
It was picked up by a member of her staff at the end of a concert at the Aviva Stadium in September 2012. “I saw an object on the ground and at first I thought it was a guitar pick . When I picked it up, I saw that it was a nail. ” A beautifully painted nails at that, because it was the work of a manicurist and nail art specialist named Aya Fukuda. The object has been sold for $13,000 …

Which object would make you bid?

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