Common: he kisses a fan on stage, denies the thing, and get betrayed by the video

Hey girls: when Common asks you to go on stage with him, run for it! The scene took place in Detroit during the Easter weekend. The artist behind the hit single “Glory” left his female audience in turmoil after he kissed one of them on the mouth on stage. Even with his wife Michelle at home, Common seems to love to let it go with his audience.It wss during the “Tanqueray Trunk Show” Detroit last weekend. While Common was performing for the show, he brought with him on stage a woman named Erica and made her sit on a chair while he sang turning around her. While interpreting his song “Come Close”, the singer let himself go on Erica, who didn’t push him away.After approaching her from behind, Common started kissing her on the cheek. The fan was completely destabilized; she turned her head shyly and ended up kissing the singer on the lips. The craziest part? Common kisses her right back! The video quickly went viral, and a woman even hollered at Common on Twitter. He seems to regret his act a little and pretends not to remember it!Fan: “@Common you was cheating on me last night? »
Common: “Define” cheating “? “.
Fan: “Cheating – when Common kiss other girls but has a wife name Michelle
Common: “Oh! Is there footage? »
Fan: “Yes, the footage is on IG and you have a lot of wives/gf’s upset lol”
Common: “Now u know u can’t believe what u C on IG!”Oh Common! The singer obviously can not deny what he did after seeing the video … He then joins a gang of artists who have kissed their fan on stage like Chris Brown, Trey Songz or Usher!

Do you think that Common was wrong for kissing his fan?

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