Leaving behind the electro beats found on his previous album “Universal Mind Control,” Chicago rapper Common returns to his hip hop roots for his ninth album “The Believer.”

The upcoming album has been long awaited and under the radar for quite sometime, being postponed after the MC decided to release “Universal Mind Control” after “Finding Forever.” Although Common doesn’t tip off much about the album, he is eager to make “good hip hop music.”

In a recent interview, Common shared his basic process for creating albums and how the script changes along the way, but also reassured that the album will be filled with raw hip hop vibes. The production side of the album will indeed be a homecoming for Common with collaborations from Chi-town producer duo Twilite Tone and the “Blueprint III” mastermind No ID. This new LP will also mark the return of producer Kanye West on a Common project, after the successful collaboration of the two artists on “Be” in 2005 and “Finding Forever” in 2007.

Will the conscious rapper manage to recapture the raw hip hop that characterized his first albums, when his stage name was Common Sense?

Check out his latest interview with TRACE when he released Universal Mind Control last year:

Written by Shabazz

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