Hey folks, you won’t have to wait that much for Common’s new album because it’s about to be released. A year and a half after Finding Forever, Com’ is back with a different & fresh music. His first single Universal Mind Control (also the title of the album) gives the tone. The album will have an electronic touch. Period. Because this time, helped by The Neptunes and Mr. DJ (OutKast) he decided to make a CD for people to rock in the clubs. Common’s flow is still efficient and the rapper broke down the typical conventions of music with this new album, coming where he wasn’t expected. He will start touring at the beginning of 2009. Two videos are already available. Universal Mind Control will hit the stores on December 9th. Be ready guys!
Here is the tracklist…
1. Universal Mind Control (prod. The Neptunes)
2. Punch Drunk Love, feat Kanye West (prod. The Neptunes)
3. Make My Day, feat Cee-Lo Green (prod. Mr. DJ)
4. Sex 4 Sugar (prod. The Neptunes)
5. Announcement, feat Pharrell Williams (prod. The Neptunes)
6. Gladiator (prod. The Neptunes).
7. Changes (prod. Mr. DJ)
8. Inhale (prod. The Neptunes)
9. What a World (prod. The Neptunes)
10. Everywhere (Runaway) (prod. Mr. DJ)

Common 2008 - mytrace
Common 2008 – mytrace

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