Originally from Chicago, Common rap is mixed, a blend of jazz, soul with the same few notes rock.

After “Resurrection” in 1994, the very good “Like Water for Chocolate” or “Electric Circus” in 2002 and “Be” in 2005, Common returns with a new album, “Finding forever”.

A new milestone in the career of the rapper, who finds himself for the first time propelled to the top of the charts in the first week of the release of the album.

He was in Paris this weekend in the first part of his friend and producer Kanye West.
In an interview granted exclusively to TRACE for the show GUEST STAR, Common talks us about “Finding forever.” Here are some extracts of the interview….

Until now, we weren’t sure that you’ll be here in Paris! How are you?

Yeah, I’m great! (Common speaks french) « Ca va bien ! »

You’re here on tour with Kanye West to introduce us your last album “Finding forever”. Why did you choose that title?

Finding “forever” is the title that has come over to describe the creative period where I am now.
I wanted to create a music that will be there forever, beyond time that we are going to spend on this earth, beyond our corporeal envelope.
We can move beyond all that. Art can do and the message you deliver too. Martin Luther King will be remembered forever, Malcolm X, John F Kennedy, John Coltrane, Michael Angelo for all that he has brought to the world.
It’s what you do which is going to make you remain forever.

With “Electric circus”, your former album, you showed that you were an eclectic artist and your collaboration with Lily Allen still proves it.
Are there some other artists you want to collaborate with?

Yeah I’d love to work with Nas. He’s one of my favorite artists.
He’s someone with I really want to work with.

You work with Kanye West on your last two albums, your new “Primo”. How it is to work with him?

It’s a great experience. He’s very creative, we complete both. In human terms it’s a great experience.
You’re sitting in the studio with people who are like your brothers, he’s my bro.
We’re sit down, we talk about life, and this is how we do.
He’s a good coach. When I did something that was not good, “he told me no, it’s not good, you can do better.”. Like me, if he does something that was not good and I’m gonna say « no that’s not good ».
We are always pushing ourselves to go further.

Here’s an extract of the interview excluded

Find the whole interview soon in the CODE on Dec. 11 at 9.30pm and soon in GUEST STAR.


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