Cole couple, finally calling it quits?

The on-again off-again Ashley and Cheryl Cole may have ceased all communication, according to the latter.

The Girls Aloud Geordie recently told her ex-lover to leave her alone, saying ‘I’m done – delete my number.’

Only a few weeks prior the couple was seen courting at the former X-factor judge’s 28th birthday, afterwards publicly announcing their reconciliation. Unfortunately for the footballer, the final nail in the coffin has come after an airline stewardess stated her synchronous affair with the Chelsea defender.

Extramarital flings aren’t extraordinary for the 30 year old, who maintained at least three mistresses during his four year marriage. The London native reunited with his centerfold ex during a Playboy party and was recently spotted with a bombshell brunette in California, all the while attempting to win back his ex-wife.

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