Clip released of Drake’s “Ice Age 4” character

Drake is starring in the upcoming animated film “Ice Age 4: Continental Drift,” he provides the voice of a wooly mammoth named “Ethan.” Recently a scene was released which shows the Young Money MC’s character asking another mammoth on a prehistoric date.

The Canadian rapper previously described his character, saying “He’s a young, strapping, handsome jock…He’s really good at turtle football. He’s very popular.” He added “I get to be this over-the-top mammoth in Ice Age, and a lot of capturing these characters is going as far as you can…Because you have to realize that [the viewers are] not going to see your face. They’re not going to see you look awkward and screaming. And if you have to do things that are a little over-the-top, all they’re going to do is hear it.”

Drake has previous acting experience, he performed in the show “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” before beginning his career in music.

Nicki Minaj, Ester Dean, Jennifer Lopez, and Queen Latifah also have roles in the film, which premiers in theaters on July 13. Check out a scene of Drake’s character below and a clip of the rapper recording his voice.

David Woodson

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