Ciara & Keri Hilson

Two years ago, Keri Hilson and Ciara were up at each other’s necks. Since then, many rumors took on the internet, but now it seems that she wants to move past it and create a new relationship with her.

Keri appeared in NY radio station Hot 97 last Monday (Oct. 4). When asked if a fight happened between the two singers, Keri responded, “Not really, it’s nothing real—not in the real world. I know that they take anything and kind of drag it on. They made up that I was in New York when supposedly we had a fight or scuffle backstage. I wasn’t even in the city, I was in L.A.”

Although they both grew up in the same area in Atlanta, Keri doesn’t see why people feel the need to put her and Ciara against each other. When Keri was asked about possibly doing a duet with Ciara, she replied, “I’ll be honest, I can’t say that we haven’t had some talks about it, little whispers about doing a song together, it just hasn’t happened. I’ve heard things from people…”

Maybe a collaboration is what people need to hear to put these rumors to rest. Especially since both their albums will be releasing soon. Perhaps we may find a duet in one of their tracks…

Written by Mufsin Mahbub

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