Ciara & 50 Cent

December was an entertainment filled month for Nigerian music fans. The “This Day Music Festival of Peace” that was held in Nigeria on December 19th was an important event as it aimed to bring people together and to promote peace in the Delta area of Nigeria.

American RnB singer Ciara and hip hop artist 50 Cent, who were rumored to be romantically involved, were the highlight of the music festival. Ciara, wearing a black, skin-tight body suit, went on stage with her two dancers and her dj. She had the crowd singing along to her songs and was moved by the love the Nigerian fans showed her. Ciara showed off her famous dance moves and moved to perfectly choreographed steps.

50 Cent was next on stage and he knew exactly how to get the crowd’s attention. He took off a red jacket that he was wearing and threw it into the crowd. This caused a huge stir as people scrambled to grab the jacket. He opened up his performance with “Baby By Me” from his current album “Before I Self Destruct.” 50 Cent was in a generous mood and gave away a number of items of clothing.

Dede Mabiaku who sang “Water No Get Enemy” made a tribute to the late, Nigerian Afrobeat musician Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. Various artists reiterated the Goodwill message of peace throughout the music concert.

The music festival of peace was a huge success and music fans danced to Nigerian artists’ songs until the early hours of the morning.

Written by Sam Zungu

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