Chrisette Michele

R&B-soul singer Chrisette Michele created a stir when she recently performed at Albany State University in New York. The Grammy Award winner is the latest to join the list of musicians with a shaved head. Back in 2009, Rihanna opted to shave both sides, Cassie and Mel B shaved one side and Solange shaved her whole head.

When it comes to Chrisette Michele, some may wonder why the artist decided to make such a drastic change in her look? She did it to send the music industry the message that there is nothing wrong with a black woman keeping her hair texture the way she was born with it. She grew tired of pressing, relaxing, straightening and damaging her hair and wearing hair extensions and hair pieces. So the 27-year-old songstress decided to go natural and let her hair grow nappy and beautiful.

In other news, after completing her successful “Epiphany” tour, the singer will start working on her third album…

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