Chris Brown : suspected of battery in Las Vegas.

We all know Chris Brown for his incredible dancing skills and his sultry voice, but unfortunately it seems like the 25 year-old heartthrob who is also infamous for his overheated behavior stroke again a couple of days after performing at an after-party for « the fight of the century » between Mayweather and Pacquiao, kicking off also his residency at the Drai’s nightclub in Las Vegas. We all thought fatherhood would help him settle down a lil bit but Chris faces new battery charge after a man who was playing basketball with him at the Palms Casino Resorts claims he got into a verbal argument and got hit by the performer who was then joined by one of his friend to hit the alleged victim as well. The man went to the hospital by himself where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries. An investigation is still pending but Police declined to address the other man who allegedly hit the plaintiff. The police offered Brown to sign off on a misdemeanor battery otherwise the case would be given to the clark county district attorney’s office since Chris Brown hadn’t responded and couldn’t be found at that time. It’s pointless to remember you that our favorite r&b singer has a history with violent altercations, indeed in 2009 he pleaded guilty after assaulting his former girlfriend Rihanna hours before the grammy awards ceremony and was just freed from probation for felony assault weeks ago. And in 2013 his scuffle with fellow r&b singer on a parking lot outside a recording studio in Los angeles. Well, Chris what happens in vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas !

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