Chris Brown : mad because Karrueche ignored him in public.

For those of you hoping for a Chris-Karrueche reconciliation, well it won’t be happening anytime soon… While on the other side of the Atlantic in California, the Coachella music festival welcomes its thousands of party-goers; celebrities are also attempting it. The two exes made their way to the festival, but each on their side, and even when they are seen in the same perimeter, some reported that there was no interaction between them two.On April 10, Karrueche and Chris bumped into each other at the Coachella festival during a private party hosted by Nylon magazine, and it’s the HollywoodLife magazine that tells us all the details. The former couple had each one respective VIP table, and Karrueche is still not ready to forgive the rapper. A partygoer said that Karrueche was dancing in a very provocative way in front of her private table, without even looking at Chris or saying a word.Here is what he said : “It was a very awkward situation. Karrueche wouldn’t even look at Chris at the party,” a onlooker tells. “She was dancing with her pal Christina Milian, only yards away from him, showing exactly what he was missing out on. Karrueche looked really great, and she knew she would push Chris’ buttons by doing this. It was almost like she was dancing for him, but not even acknowledging he was there.”And from there, things got worse. The source said that Chris knew clearly what Karrueche was trying to do.“Chris was at a table, while she was parading herself on the dance floor having a great time. Neither spoke with one another, but it was like there was an elephant in the room that couldn’t be addressed,” our source adds. “There was one cursory glance Chris gave, but you could tell he was mightily peeved that she didn’t come to him to say hello.”Do you think that Karrueche will forgive him one day?

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