Chris Brown & Karrueche: Together for the 31th

If it existed, Chris Brown and Karrueche would have won the “I love you, me neither” gold medal. After a (very) long story of love, hate and betrayal, the couple Chris-Karrueche met on the 31th to celebrate the end of the year, maybe to forget the past (or to start everything again?).If Chris Brown showed more that jealous with Karrueche for seeing Drake while Chris he was in prison, it seems that they made up! Both have been spotted in Hollywood during Christmas holidays taking their dog for a walk, and it seems that Chris Brown made a phone call on Christmas begging her to come back because he couldn’t stand to spend the holidays without her.The night of the 31th at the Supperclub, Chris took an Instagram video in which he kissed Karrueche, but the video has been deleted later. If we want to believe into an engagement between both for 2015, chances are high that their break up and make up will go on for a time..Do you think that Chris Brown and Karrueche will make up again ?

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