Chris Brown: Karrueche reveals how she found out he was cheating on her.

Last night, a rather special interview was released on the show “The Oprah Winfrey Network” since the guest was none other than Chris Brown’s ex, Karrueche! The model came to the set to unpack her bag and cry a little on the back of Chris, Rihanna, and to talk about her problems.Throughout the interview, Karrueche has detailed her meeting with Chris, what has pleased her with him and she even mentioned the idea of having children. But far from being ready for marriage, the young woman has dumped Chris after learning that he had a daughter. In addition, she informed the fans that there would never get back together…Here is what she said.

On her meeting with Chris: “Me and Chris first met on a styling job. At the time, about five years ago. I was a personal assistant to a business loaner in LA and I was doing styling on the side. I didn’t directly give him my number. I gave one of his dancers my phone number and he got my number from him. When he first called, honestly, I didn’t view it as “Oh my God! Chris Brown is calling me.” Of course, it was different and new, but it wasn’t like “Oh my god girl! He said “Hey ? What are you doing? Let’s hang out tonight. Its flattering, of course, but again, it wasn’t I’ve never dated celebrities or been into the whole hoopla of that? So it was just like “Okay, this is fun, it’s interesting and it’s new. Then we met around 2am in a restaurant.”On Chris and Rihanna: “He told me he was going out and I latter learned that he was at a basketball game with Rihanna while she stayed at his condo. When he told me he was dealing with her, I said “okay” because I was under the impression that it was a friend type of-not a friend, but it wasn’t what it became to be. I knew but I didn’t want to believe it because I loved him.

On the fact that she made him wait a few month before they slept together: “I made him wait a few months before. I can count on my hand how many guys that i’ve slept with in my life. It’s not too, too many fingers on my hands. I don’t juste give myself “Oh you’re Chris Brown, i’m going to have sex with you”. Every guy that I’ve had sex with, I’ve dated or had a connection with. I made him wait.” He did give me love. Maybe it wasn’t the right love but I know he does”.On having babies: “We’ve talked about having kids and I told him we need to get married first. Not even the fact that I don’t need a ring. I need that commitment. I want to find somebody and grow, build a foundation, build trust, get married, have kids, and the white picket fence, and the green grass and the dog. He didn’t want to because I think that’s a maturity thing and his lifestyle. I think marriage scares a lot of men. We talked about starting a family. [Karrueche cries]. I feel hurt, betrayed […] because of what he’s done. I feel hurt because the man I loved hurt me and betrayed me. I also feel like I let myself down. “On the day she found out Chris had a daughter: “I found out through social media. He wanted to talk to me in person. At the moment I found out, he was texting me, and then I get online and I see-yeah. He’s said he’s sorry and he’s dropped flowers off and tried to say sorry and be back in my good graces. He’s sorry for everything and what he’s put me through. But it ain’t no making up right now. Right now, I’m saying no.”At the end, Karrueche admits that she would probably date another celebrity (it might be hard to end up with a nobody after dating Chris Brown) and on the fact that she won’t do the same mistake twice.Do you think that Karrueche has made the right decision?

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