Chris Brown : here is why he threatened Tyson Beckford over his selfie with Karrueche!

Breezy seems to be a very jealous man when it comes to his ex, as we told you yesterday the “ Ayo” singer threatened 44-year-old male model Tyson Beckford because the latter took a selfie in Vegas with Karrueche, Brown’s former girlfriend. Well, It seems that over the weekend things escalated between the two with Breezy eventually threatening Tyson’s baby mama even implying in not-so-subliminal tweets that he would injure the model legs. Tyson then responded with a picture of him in front of a target firing a high powered rifle in a shooting range with the caption “ Just in case your forgot”. Breezy since maned up and owned up to the beef , but his explanations as regards the feud remain quite unclear . As a matter of fact Chris took it to twitter and said that he was light skin and always in his feelings thus feeding the stereotype. Peep the tweets below:What do you think of Chris’s explanations?

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