Chris Brown: he finally addresses Rihanna & Leonardo DiCaprio and disses Drake

Chris Brown will not do any interview from now on! The man of the hour with his new hit single “Ayo” went live on air to promote his new album in collaboration with Tyga, Fan of a Fan, and the interview quickly moved on others subjects. Upset that we don’t speak enough of his music; he said his 2 cents about his ex Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio and then slammed Drake.”I do not want to hear about Drake and Rihanna” said the rapper. That is clear. It’s true that the media are more interested by his private life than his music, and he’s tired of it! Last night he posted on Twitter “i’ve given the world enough opinions. I’m not doing no more interviews unless it’s about my art or music”. If he’s a big star in music, medias are more interested in his private life, including his relationship with Rihanna and the war with Drake.Moreover, when the host asked if Drake was his friend, Chris seemed to be annoyed and answered “I don’t get no money for talking about him. I don’t wanna talk about him. That dude don’t make me no check. I ain’t getting no money by talking about him. I don’t got no opinion on none of that. He don’t make me no money by talking about him. I’m cool”. But after seeing Chris‘ tweets and having heard the interview, Drake responded by posting a part of the interview on Instagram and wrote: “This just in: its just jealousy ya’ll. Back to you, Bob! #NotSoBreakingnews “.When asked of what he thinks of the rumors about the relationship between Rihanna and DiCaprio, he replied: «We just cordial. I respect her space. She respects mine. It’s not too much talking, [because then] it gets to, Hey, we gonna hang out? It’s just complicated ». That’s when the host said “But it’s Leonardo DiCaprio“, to which Chris replied “Yeah that’s cool. I’m Chris Brown. Two different things. There are movies and there is magic.”

We wonder what Rihanna would have to say about the statements of her ex!Do you think that Chris Brown is jealous of Leonardo DiCaprio?

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