Chris Brown: he filed a complaint against the mother of his daughter!

This is the news of the week: Chris Brown is a father of a little girl named Royalty, and her mom is not Karrueche! Breezy would have cheated on her. As for the mother of the child, Nia, she was still married at the time.

While Karrueche has quickly announced that she was leaving her unfaithful boyfriend, Terry Amey, Nia‘s ex husband is shocked to learn that the little girl he is raising is not his. A DNA test has indeed confirmed Royalty‘s biological father… Separated from Nia for 5 months now, Terry did not know he was a cuckold of the mother of his first daughter aged 13: “In the end Chris Brown has a beautiful little girl, and I have a beautiful little girl […]. I do not know Chris Brown, but in the coming days, I will have to speak with him. We share something of important. Our 2 little girls “, he says.

If Terry seems to take the news quite well, Breezy, on the other hand, is annoyed. While we thought he would be close to his daughter, as sources close to the singer had said a few days ago, the bad boy has declared war on the young mother.

TMZ has revealed that the 25-year-old father filed a complaint against the model, Nia Guzman. Chris Brown‘s relatives told the website that Breezy had learned the existence of his child just about a month ago! The star would have contacted the mother to buy her silence in exchange of a very high alimony paid each month. Indeed, the amount of the pension would be much higher than what Nia could have obtained in front of a judge. But the young mother has not complied the agreement, and the singer have to face his responsibilities of a father to the public’s eyes.

Why do you think she revealed the story to media?

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