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After being banished from radio, television and touring for more than a year following a domestic violence case involving ex-girlfriend Rihanna, it seems like Chris Brown is finally back. This time, Breezy hit the spotlight for a good reason: his incredible talent as a performer. Indeed, Chris Brown got all the attention he missed over the past year by paying tribute to the late Michael Jackson at the BET Awards ceremony that took place on June 27th.

Obviously honored to perform the King of Pop’s classics, Chris Brown danced to a Michael Jackson medley that included “The Way You Make Me Feel,” “Remember the Time,” “Smooth Criminal” and “Billie Jean.” The artist finally got the opportunity to remind the world what an amazing dancer he is, embodying Michael Jackson’s legacy like no one else. But the most moving part of his tribute was when Chris started to sing “Man in the Mirror” to close his performance. Clearly overtaken by his emotions, Chris burst into tears instead and couldn’t sing.

Was Chris Brown overwhelmed by the first anniversary of the death of his idol or did he relate to the lyrics of this powerful song? Probably both! We know that the artist was going through a lot of stress: “BE NERVOUS FOR ME… im shittin a brick right now,” he tweeted during the show. “Man in the Mirror,” a song dealing with the will to make a difference by changing one’s own behavior, probably also speaks to Chris Brown more than any other. The young man ended up singing the song without his microphone and with the help of the audience.

If Chris Brown was asking for forgiveness, it looks like people are finally ready. Many artists and friends showed their support like Keri Hilson (@misskeribaby): “I can’t explain how happy I was 2 see my friend @chrisbrown back where he belongs- on that STAGE!! Ur MJ tribute was so moving & heartfelt,” tweeted the R&B singer. Rapper Fabolous (@myfabolouslife) also appreciated his performance: “Chris Brown just single handedly bodied every MJ tribute to date. His dance swagger is almost exact to Michael’s. Almost…”

This Michael Jackson tribute will definitely be remembered for its emotional aspect and hopefully for being the moment that relaunched Breezy’s career. The vultures “Always hopin for the worst/Waiting for me to fuck up” that Chris Brown references in his new song ”Deuces” seem to have flown away. Check out the two promising videos Chris released independently a few weeks ago…

Written by Liv

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