Chris Brown

Chris Brown has released the second single off his upcoming “Graffiti” album.

“Crawl” is a slow love ballad that suggests that he and the object of his affections (enter obvious Rihanna association here) “crawl, until we can walk again/ Then we’ll run, until we’re strong enough to jump/ Then we’ll fly, until there is no wind/ So let’s crawl, crawl, crawl, back to love.”

The introduction of his second single seems a little rushed. Brown’s first single, “Transform Ya,” premiered less than one month ago and has just managed to make it onto Billboard’s Hot 100 chart this week, claiming the #52 spot.

Brown’s release coincidentally comes less than 24-hours after Rihanna debuted “Russian Roulette,” the first single off her highly anticipated “Rated R” album. Regardless, “Crawl” is a much more believable track than his previous single. If nothing else, listeners can entertain themselves by imagining Brown on his knees, eyes welled with tears, begging his love to come back to him.

Brown is also undoubtedly hoping fans come back to him. The singer will be making the rounds on a “Fan Appreciation” tour, scheduled to kick-off in Houston on November 14th.

Written by Shaira Brereton

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