Chris Brown: 10 facts you ignored about Breezy

On May 5, Chris Brown turns 26. If almost everything has been written about the talentedAmericanrecording artist,dancer, andactor, there might be a few facts you are not aware of. That is why TRACE has decided to compile 10 unknown facts about Breezy to celebrate his birthday. Enjoy!

.1) While he was only 16, Breezy composed and recorded his first album in 8 weeks. 50 songs were recorded and only 14 made the final cut.

2) He’s been discovered at a gas station. Breezy’s father worked there when a team of local producers came in and was left speechless by a young Chris Brown’s talent.3) Chris is the king of collaboration. Besides his own catalogue, Chris has featured on over 100 songs as a guest with various artist spanning a wide range of genre from reggaeton, to rap and pop4) We all know Breezy is a player, but do you know he actually lost his virginity at age 8?
5) At 15 he auditioned for producer L.A Reid and was was offered a contract right after.

6) He denied a contract with LA Reid and Def Jam but finally inked a deal with Jive records which at that time had Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears in its roster.

7) He wrote hit singles “Loyal” and “Ayo” while he was serving jailtime.

8)) After being nominated 12 times he earned his first Grammy Award in 2007 for best R&B albumF.A.M.E.

9) Michael Jackson personally called him to tell him how fan he was of his song «Shorty Like Mine»10) He starred in Newport beach series for 3 episodes back in 2007

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