After taking a brief hiatus following the release of his critically acclaimed sophomore effort “Ultimate Victory,” Houston-based rapper Chamillionaire is riding high again with the release of his new single “Good Morning,” from his third studio album.

The song uses a sample from “Free Fallin” by Tom Petty and is targeting to the haters: Chamillionaire simply chose to take the high road and show love to his opponents instead of playing their game.

Since his groundbreaking 2005 debut album “The Sound of Revenge,” powered by the smash single “Ridin,” Chamillionaire has been crowned the first Mastertone artist in music history by the RIAA after selling over 5 million ringtones.

On November 23rd, the rapper will drop “Mixtape Messiah 5,” the next installment of his critically acclaimed mixtape series, whose success played a great part in Chamillionaire’s rise to fame. The lead single from “Mixtape Messiah 5” is the “Swagger Like Us Remix,” his version T.I’s hit song.

The album “Venom” is slated to hit stores on February 2010.

Written by Valerie Varasse

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