Chad Ochocinco invites a fan to his wedding

Chad Ochocinco is a footballer with a big heart. As his recent adventures on a major social networking site show! After inviting 200 of his fans to a fast food joint at the spur of the moment, the Miami Dolphins wide receiver has once more displayed his generosity and genuine interest in his fans! While preparing to wed his girlfriend Evelyn Lozada, he took some time out to read some fan mail.

Among it was a moving tweet from one of his fans, saying that she was feeling pretty downcast that day because she’d just lost her husband of thirty years. The star’s response was pretty unexpected. He invited her to his wedding that very night. And with his signature humor, he signed off urging her to “bring (her) smile, dancing shoes and appetite.”

A great story, but we’ve come to expect such things from Chad. Check out a picture of Ochocinco and his lucky fan below.

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