Celebrities whose skin was whitened for professional photos

Afro-american celebrities are often suspected of bleaching their skin, however most of them are only victims of shady practice from the fashion and beauty industry. This sector still advocates for a certain beauty standard that is even forced on superstars. Straight hair, lean silhouette, and not-too-dark skin are among some of the principal prerequisites and for those who don’t fit those criterias, photo retouching is the perfect tool to change that.

From Beyoncé to Naomi Campbell, and even Brandy and Kelly Rowland, we found photos of celebrities whose skin was whitened for photo shoots.


Beyoncé in 2008


Brandy en 2012

Left at the Billboard Awars, right on unrecognizable on the cover of YRB magazine


Actress Gabourey Sidibe in 2010

Left : at the Golden Globe Awards, right : on the cover of Elle US


India Arie in 2013

Left : at the NAACP Awards, right on the cover image of her single Cocoa Butter


Kelly Rowland in 2013

Left at the BAFTA Britannia Awards, right : a the cover art of her own single


Kerry Washinton in 2015

Left at NAACP Awards, right on the cover of the march issue of InStyle magazine


Nicki Minaj in 2013

Left at the New York Fashion week, right on the cover of ELLE US


Rihanna in 2011

Left at the Grammys, right on the cover of British Vogue


Sanaa Lathan in 2011

Left at the NAACP Awards, right on the cover of Uptown magazine


Naomi Campbell in 2013

Left at an event hosted by Essence magazine, right on the cover of Vogue Thaïlande



Zendaya & Willow Smith in 2016


The two girls were featured on the cover of W magazine and fans were shocked at how “light” they look. A Twitter user by the name of @ItsJumah re-toned their skin from samples of non-edited photos and came to that conclusion :


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