Caroline Wozniacki discusses her favorite pre-match music

Her own underwear line, a multi-millionaire golfer boyfriend and a love of life – things could be worse for Danish tennis star Caroline Wozniacki!

We recently asked her what music she listens to when preparing for a big match, she answered “I like Rihanna a lot, I think Rihanna’s great…I also like someone like, Mariah Carey.” “You know, all sorts of music and it’s just nice to have something where I can sing along as well.”

If Caroline ever gets nervous at least we know she won’t be biting her nails, the tennis star show off her hands and said “I painted red and white colours and the Danish flag on my thumb and my pinky finger, is that what you call it? And I think I did a marvelous job.”

The sport and fashion icon Caroline then left to see her true love who was waiting faithfully in the wings.

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