Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes has been recruited to help stop an increase in gun and knife crime in London.

The Independent reports the rapper will spread his nonviolent message on September 26, when he travels overseas to perform in concert at Royal Albert Hall.

Busta Rhymes believes the need to curb violence among youth is a universal concern.

“I want to do something productive that will help convince kids on both sides of the Atlantic to stop killing each other,” the rapper said. “We are seeing a generation of children who are lost and in need of support. Their families are breaking down around them. They’re turning to gangs and violence. We need to tell them that is not the right answer.”

Rhymes’ international stage show will be organized by Orange RockCorps, a social enterprise. The organization’s co-founder, Stephen Greene, praised the rapper as an inspirational performer who had “proved his commitment to volunteering over many years.”

London Mayor Boris Johnson echoed Greene’s support as he applauded Orange RockCorps’ efforts to hold the concert as well as Rhymes’ willingness to help, by saying the show would be a “a great example of how music can have a profoundly positive effect on society”.

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