Britney Spears: Her ex shot dead by Taliban in Afghanistan

Britney Spears just learnt a terrible news: the death of one of her exes last week in Kaboul, Afghanistan. John Sundahl was a helicopter pilot and he helped Britney fight drugs in 2007 when she had a meltdown over alcool. He had been shot dead by the Talibans. A new trial for Britney, John Sundahl, 44 years old, has been shot down by a missile during a flight from Kabul. The news arrived to Britney‘s ears, and the 33-year-old singer is “devastated”, according to a source close to the English newspaper Daily Mirror. Britney, who had a public meltdown over alcohol in 2007 (she even had shaved her head) met John during a meeting at Alcoholics Anonymous, and the man helped her to fight drugs. Britney declared that “he was a lovely man“. She says that she will never forget what he did for her. John made a declaration in the press at that time, he had admitted ‘”If you don’t want to get sober for yourself, do it for your kids” and he added ‘She truly wants to stop what she’s doing, and she has changed her life in another direction. She doesn’t get drunk every night and pass out.’ John Sundahl would have helped the young woman to get sober. Their relation ended a few months after they met, both remained good friends afterwards. Since the end of his addiction, John moved to Afghanistan where he flew dignitaries in and out the conflict zone. According to a source close to the Daily Mirror, John would have seen Britney for the last time in the summer of 2014.

Do you think that Britney could get into alcohol again?

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