Britain’s Got Talent

As the third season finale of Britain’s Got Talent went underway Saturday, May 29, 2009, million of viewers tuned in to see the underdog “Diversity” being named winners over the sensational and favorite Scottish singer Susan Boyle. The reaction of many who live outside of the U.K. was “Diversity” who!?

“Diversity” an all-male street dance troupe who hails from Essex County in East London was formed in 2007. The goup consist of 11 members, ages 13 to 25.

While “Diversity” didn’t get much press as Boyle did, the group final performance comprised of a fast-paced routine set of tunes such as “Boom Boom Pow” and “Everybody Dance Now” was the main factor that secured them almost 25 percent of the vote compared to Boyle’s 20 percent. Even Simon Cowell one of the judges seemed to agree, “If I had to give marks on that, this would be the only performance tonight I would give a 10 to” he said.

Certainly with 100,000 pounds in prize money and an audience with the Queen in December, 2009 at the Royal Variety Show, “Diversity” is sure to be remember as the group who ended Boyle supremacy in Britain’s Got Talent.

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