“Bring It On” – Fight to the Finish

The fifth in the “Bring It On” series will be starring none other than RnB singer Christina Milian, who was nominated for a Grammy.

Christina Milian plays the role of Lina Cruz, a teenage girl who captains a talented young squad and dreams of winning the Cheerleading Championships with a mixture of Latin and hip hop moves. But all of a sudden, Lina’s world gets turned upside down, when her mother remarries and moves to Malibu. There she has to adapt to a new home, family, friends and… cheer squad.

The original cheerleading movie came out in the early 2000s. 9 years later, the fifth “Bring It On” will come to a DVD this summer. The highly anticipated film about status and rivalry in the cheerleading world, is directed by Bille Woodruff (“Honey”, “Beauty Shop”) one of the industry’s most sought after film and music video directors.
And with a hot cast, starring next to Christina Milian, Rachele Brooke Smith, Laura Cerón, Nikki SooHoo and Cody Longo.

This movie is not Christina’s first cheerleading experience. She started in “Be Cool” (the sequel to 1995’s “Get Shorty”), where she played an aspiring singer. Being cast in the all-star “Be Cool” was a coup for Christina Milian. Now for the second time, the singer-actress will play the role of a teenager, with other young stars, new music, daring athletics with fierce competition and just a dash of romance. But the movie won’t hit the theaters. Only your dvd players… Do we have to ask why?

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Trailer “Bring It On” - Fight to the Finish, starring C. Milian - mytrace
Trailer “Bring It On” – Fight to the Finish, starring C. Milian – mytrace

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