Bongeziwe Mabandla releases cinematic film for “Umntwana Ongaphakathi” (The Child Inside)

Bongeziwe Mabandla showcases his versatility as a musician and actor with “Umntwana Ongaphakathi” (The Child Inside)

Johannesburg, Monday, 14 August 2023 – In “Umntwana Ongaphakathi” (The Child Inside), we immerse ourselves in a tale of self-discovery and healing, chronicling the poignant journey of the lead character, Khumbula (played by Bongeziwe himself). Set within the raw confines of a derelict home and a murky tavern, our narrative unearths the tumultuous relationship between Khumbula and the tangible representation of his inner child.

Echoing a psychotherapeutic exercise that promotes healing through dialogue with one’s inner child, this narrative emerged in the wake of Bongeziwe’s haunting track “Soze” off of his latest album “amaXesha”. Here, love transcends time, and invites an introspective exploration of self-love.

In this cinematic landscape, Khumbula grapples with his relentless past, spiralling into a whirlpool of self-destruction, his inner child a constant apparition.Their bond, conveyed through the raw embodiment of pain, showcases an emotional mirroring between Khumbula and his younger self. Their dance of conflict and reconciliation takes us through their shared darkest recesses, ultimately leading to a cathartic confrontation that serves as a painful reckoning.

This culmination ushers in a transformative phase of acceptance and forgiveness, setting Khumbula and his inner child on the rocky path to healing, all under the melodic serenade of maternal love.This narrative, while specific in its portrayal, resonates universally, speaking to the struggle of reconciling with our past and seeking redemption.

This collaboration was a journey spanning several months, a commitment by Bongeziwe, the writer and director Zee Ntuli, and their team to realise this emotionally resonant narrative.The process required a personal introspection from everyone involved, culminating in a film that is emotively raw and brimming with intricate technicality.This depth of feeling is enhanced by the technical facets of filmmaking, emphasising symbolism and emotional impact.

Bongeziwe Mabandla, the creative force behind “Soze”, steps into Khumbula’s shoes, showcasing his versatility as a musician and actor. His album, “amaXesha”, a meditation on memory, finds its echoes in our film as we delve into the relationship with our past.
“Umntwana Ongaphakathi” is an artistic manifestation of Zee Ntuli’s core belief: the pursuit of beauty within the abyss of darkness, a poetic excavation of our pains and fears to find the dormant beauty within. It’s an invitation to an introspective journey, one that we hope will resonate with audiences on a deeply personal level.


You taught me what love is
No one will ever know what you did for me When I fall
You raise me up
You say to me you are my hope
Time is passing now
I delight in knowing it is passing with me and you Things come and go
The earth hides all people
I will never ever forget you
I will never ever forget you
Before the sun goes down
I have to give gratitude to God for you
Time is passing, now
But I delight in knowing it is passing with me and you Even when I am no longer in this world
When I have crossed over to the other side
This love will never end
It is eternal
I will never ever forget you I will never ever forget you

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