Bob Marley

The Bank of Jamaica announced its plan to launch a $5,000 bill in September 2009 with the image of Prime Minister Hugh Shearer, who died in 2004. The note is being launched to celebrate the 86th anniversary of the birth of the former Prime Minister. The announcement of the banknotes, has triggered many reactions on the island.

Several supporters of the Jamaican culture strongly asserted their wish to use an image of legend Robert Marley on the Jamaica dollars.
They believe that the reggae icon has done more for the country than any politician. However, Ziggy Marley, the eldest son Bob Marley, is not in favor of the idea that the face of his father will be on bank notes. Because, after all Bob has spent his entire life fighting capitalism.

The decision has however been made already, and it will be Hugh Shearer’s face on the new $5000 bill. But the debate is open. Shall Bob’s face appear on the next dollar bills?

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