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Laetitia Kandolo, the designer behind the Congolese brand UCHAWI

Her name is Laetitia Kandolo, she’s a stylist, artistic director and designer for the brand UCHAWI in the Republic of Congo.  She mainly works for artists such as upcoming ones like Thomas Azier or big names like Kanye West ( she’s worked for him 3 years), Madonna or even Rihanna. She’s done multiple press releases with Ghubar Magazine, Vogue Turkey or even  Condé Nast Russia.

Here is our exclusive interview with Laetitia Kandolo !



Why do you think it’s important to dedicate a day / week or month to women ?

It is indeed important, but I also think everyone of us should be conscious of the fact that its not something we should celebrate once a year, it’s everyday.

Who is the woman that inspires you the most?

Oprah, Joséphine Baker or even Angelina Jolie.

The song that motivates you every time?

« My 1st song » by Jay-Z.

A movie you could watch over 100 times?

Sister Act !

A book worth calling your bible?

The Tao of Wu by The Rza (founder of the Wu Tang clan). A person’s wiseness can only be determined by the hard life lessons they had to learn the hard way. There’s a very spiritual and philosophical side thats very inspiring.

An object you bring everywhere with you ?

Never without my Mac.

The best advice anyone has ever given you when you were younger ?

Believe in yourself and your ideas if you want people to believe in them as well.

The meme that best describes you ?

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