Bin Hamman fights FIFA ban

Mohamed bin Hamman was handed a lifetime ban from FIFA during a two day trial that ended on Saturday. The FIFA presidential nominee absconded on May 29th following accusations that he paid voters for their support, three days following sole candidate Sepp Blatter won a fourth term. The Asian Football Confederation’s president pressed FIFA for a fairer trial and demanded that court documents be made available to the media.

Hamman appealed to the public for support “If you wish to hear the evidence presented for and against at the hearing in an impartial way, then…the transcript should be made available to the media by FIFA so that you can judge the evidence and testimony for yourself.”

On his blog the 62-year-old Qatari berated the governing body “Given how the panel is appointed, does anyone really expect them to take any decision against FIFA? That is not justice. I need justice.”

Expecting vindication in Switzerland’s CAS Hamman vowed “I am not going to resign.”

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