Big Break Behind

Clayton Hill, currently captive in Chicago’s Metropolitan Correctional Center, confessed as an accessory after the fact regarding the rap legend’s fatality. The former Nation of Islam member claimed that he was ordered to meet Biggie’s alleged annihilator, Dawoud Muhammad, in Atlanta where he would receive the murder weapon, a semi-automatic handgun. The ex-gang banger says he got a call from the NOI headquarters in Chicago ordering him to take the gun to a fellow member in Kentucky. Hill suggests that the heat would eventually end up in the hands of a senior member of the Nation. The story is a little shaky considering the recent release of the felon’s book ‘Diary of an Ex-Terrorist’, his fraudulent past and the fact that he couldn’t definitively confirm the identity of the alleged killer, Amir Muhammad. The concession comes conspicuously close after last week’s confession of a man who claimed he was behind Tupac’s 1994 shooting. By David Woodson

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