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On June 3rd, TRACE caught up with Big Boi for an interview in New York to talk with him about his upcoming album, the “Shutterbug” video, Twitter, and what music he is feeling at the moment.

The conversation began with a discussion about the release of his 2nd solo album, “Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty.” “This project embodies the same Funk filled adventures you have come to love from myself and Outkast,” he said of the album. “I tried to make every song sound distinctively different, but at the end all the songs collectively come together as a body of work.”

Big Boi then gave us a little insight into the first single from the album, “Shutterbug” and what it is all about. “Shutterbug is about capturing that perfect moment,” he explained. “Capturing those certain moments that you remember forever and that take you back in time.” The music video, which was directed by Chris Robinson (the director that worked with Big Boi for the movie “ATL”), is a psychedelic ride to say the least– featuring glow-in-the-dark dancers, a mountain of giant shoes, and even a headless Big Boi. “I am always up for trying different things, and I didn’t want to make it the same old shots of me sipping a drink in a club or something,” he said. “I think the video matches the adventurous feel of the song perfectly.”

We then went on to talk about his Twitter account (, where he has over 41,000 followers. “I love Twitter because it gets me that much closer to my fans,” he said. “I use it to release new material, spread the word about things, etc.” But Big Boi doesn’t limit his talk on Twitter to just music. “I also try to make Twitter more personal and not always talk about nonsense,” he explained. “I try to talk about real stuff like what is going on in the world.” One of Big Boi’s latest tweets speaks of his views on the oil spill that has hit the Gulf of Mexico and the state of Louisiana.

Later in the interview we got to talking with Big Boi about what kind of music gets him moving these days. “I am all about the Funk,” he told us. “It’s the base of all the music I love. It’s gotta have that stanky stanky!” He also made it a point to tell us that his favorite song at the moment is by far “OMG” by singer Usher. “I have been listening to that song on repeat for the last 3 weeks,” he said. “It’s got that high energy that I love.”

Look out for the video of the full interview on TRACE TV and…coming very soon!

Written by Michael Wash

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