Bieber And Breezy

Chris Brown’s song “Look At Me Now” has really become a phenomenon. The hit has been on top of the Billboard Charts for the last 5 weeks now and it doesn’t look like it’s about to change. The song is currently listed as the Number 1 Hip Hop song and has been covered numerous times. Boston musical duo Karmin has become a YouTube sensation with their cover of the song. With everyone hyping over it, Justin Bieber couldn’t let the chance pass for people to look at him now!

JB performed the song for the first time during his My World Tour in Israel on April 14. Fans were exuberant as Bieber proved to also have some rap talent. Beliebers are known for their loud screams, but last night on April 27 in Sydney, Australia the decibel meter went into the red as the superstar brought on his bud Chris Brown for a joint performance.

The two tore the stage up according to various Twitter posts of fans. The stars themselves were also pleased with their show. Brown was definitely enthusiastic: “The show tonight was craaaaaazzzzzzyyyyyy!!!! Justin Bieber… shut it down.” Bieber had the final say: “Look at Me Now! I love Australia! #SWAG.”

Check out the fan footage below!

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