Beyoncé’s 4

Tomorrow, June 28, Beyoncé’s much-anticipated album “4” is hitting the shelves. The two lead singles of the album, “Run The World (Girls)” and “Best Thing I Never Had,” prove this album’s a little different from B’s previous ones. Unfortunately the songs underperformed on the charts, which makes Columbia Records executives concerned about the album becoming a flop. Columbia reportedly approached B to make changes and/or additions, but she refused. There are whispers saying big execs are thinking about reuniting Destiny’s Child for a reunion album to head off potential disaster. Nonetheless, fans seem to be responding well to Beyoncé’s style-switch and even if “4” doesn’t turn out to be a platinum record, Beyoncé’s star will continue to shine. The diva is admired for her looks by many, and this July, she’s appearing on the cover of W Magazine. Queen B is giving a behind-the-scenes glimpse at her most iconic looks, revealing candid background information on the “Crazy in Love” video, her transformation into the more aggressive ‘Sasha Fierce’ persona, the racy “Telephone” video with Lady Gaga and several others. By Noémie Jamar

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