Beyonce VS Rita Ora: so classy in all-white !

Decidedly white is the stars’ favorite color these days! After a battle between Rihanna and Khloé Kardashian, it is Beyoncé and Rita Ora‘s turns to take place in the ring.


It was at the Vanity Fair party for the Oscars that we discovered Beyoncein a gorgeous dress. Radiant and smiling, the songstress of ‘7/11’ lit up the evening by wearing with class a long white dress with round neck and long sleeves, signed by Stella McCartney.

She accompanies her outfit with a scarf fur, a clush silver and emerald color, nude makeup, and accessories worthy of a diva. Perched on her Guiseppe Zanotti golden heels, Queen Bee reveals the bare back of the dress which adds a glamorous side to her outfit. With the return of her short haircut and a total white look, Blue Ivy‘s mother is classy, glamorous and angelic. Flawless!

Rita Ora:

Rita Ora was at Tom Ford’s fall/winter collection’s fashion show. To honor the stylist, the singer was fully dressed with his creations! Unlike Beyonce, Rita chose off-white rather than white. We discovered her in an ultra sexy suit!

With a blazer bent, Rita reveaeds her breasts while playing on a glamorous note with her endless necklace.The pants seems fluid, giving a natural look to her style. Hair tackles, Calvin Harris’ ex wore proudly a tomboy cut. With a black manicure matching her eyeliner, Rita has relied on a very androgynous look which suits her perfectly. If she is often criticized for her looks, Rita was very classy here.

The two stars have banked on a white style but who is the classiest?

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