Beyoncé: she would have “hundreds” of tracks ready to be released!

Here is a news that Beyoncé fans will be happy to hear! It seems that Queen Bee may, if she wishes to, stop writing songs for her life, since she has a hundred of them in stock! And it’s the singer The Dream who unveiled the info. Bey would indeed still has a hundred of tracks still undisclosed to the public. This means that if she wishes to; she can release an album every year for another ten years!The producer The Dream is a friend and collaborator of the singer. He revealed the information to the site, after they asked him to annotate the single “End Of Time” of Bey, released on her fourth studio album called simply 4. He said that Bey had wanted to do something that sounds like “Fela,” the Broadway musical inspired by Fela Kuti who died in 1997. Here’s what he says:‘We did a whole Fela album that didn’t go up. It was right before we did 4. We did a whole different sounding thing, about 20 songs.‘That’s why there’s so much of that sound in the End Of Time.’And he added: ‘There’s always multiple albums being made. Most of the time we’re just being creative, period.‘We’re talking about B, somebody who sings all day long and somebody who writes all day long. There’s probably a hundred records just sitting around.’Do you think that Beyoncé really has a hundred of songs unrealsed at home ?

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