Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian or Ariana Grande: those stars who wear the same outfit!

Fashion offers an impressive range of clothes for all body types and all budgets. Despite this, many celebrities have found themselves one day wearing the same outfit! And if they want to avoid being compared and especially to be the least sexy, it’s a wrap! The proof in images.

Here are the best mode plagiarism among celebrities:

Kim Kardashian / Ariana Grande

Rihanna / Gwen Stefani

Kesha / Beyonce

Kim kardashian / Rita Ora

Kanye West / Rihanna

Jennifer Lopez / Jourdan Dunn

Harry Styles / Victoria Beckham

Rihanna / Jennifer Hudson

Mariah Carey / Beyonce

Pink / Shakira

Christina Aguilera / Mariah Carey

Selena Gomez / Celine Dion

Solange / Beyonce

Angelina Jolie / Christina Aguilera

You can be reassured girls, these stars have also been caught up..

One dress, two stars: who is the sexiest?

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