Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Ciara or Bob Marley: The wildest rumors about the stars!

When you are perpetually exposed to the media, every little thing can be misinterpreted and give birth to rumors. “She is not really pregnant”, “he is not dead” or “this is a man”.. are just some of the craziest gossips stars are victim of. Even if some stars do their best to keep a low profile, they could not avoid being the target of rumors.

Discover now the craziest rumors in the People’s World.


August 2011, Beyonce took advantage of the MTV Awards to announce to the world that she was pregnant and was expecting therefore with her husband, Jay-Z, their first child. Until then nothing shocking but when she appeared on the Australian show “The Sunday Night Show” by the time she had to sit down, her stomach flattened strangely. Immediately, rumors claiming that the star used a surrogate mother spread on the Internet. Beyonce denied all these “stupid and ridiculous” gossip, but some people still have doubts.

Justin Bieber:

Some stars love their fans. And there are those who are suspicious of them, like Justin Bieber. The Canadian singer would be frightened at the idea that a woman can steal underwear, extract his DNA and try to get pregnant, so he would burn systematically all his shorts. An incinerator was even moved inside his home. Far from all these suspicions, the star has never opened up on the subject and doubts still exist.

Jennifer Lopez:

Among the actors, singers and athletes, it is a common thing to insure parts of your body. But what terrified the press is the rumor that claimed that JLo’s butt had been insured for an astronomical amount of $300 million! A record! If the bomba latina still denies the information, rumors are still running.

Bob Marley:

According to rumors, Bob Marley’s cancer was not natural! Indeed, it was the CIA that would have made the singer sick on purpose. Bob Marley had become too influential as a celebrity , the CIA would have removed that “annoying” character by filling hotel rooms where he stayed at with rays that cause cancer.


Since 2009, several rumors says that the singer would be a transsexual and was operated at the age of 13 years old. “I’m not a man and I’ve never been. It is ridiculous,” she replied.

Lady Gaga:

What if the songstress of “Monster” was a man? This is the question that some users have arisen discovering a picture of the star with a small bump on her crotch. Gaga did not deny it, saying only that she saw “someone like androgynous and I like it, the androgyny.”

Michael Jackson:

When the world learns that Michael Jackson died, many fans had great difficulty believing it. And the video published on the site “” did not help. On the images, we see men lifting the stretcher on which was laid the body of the King of Pop, and the cloth that covers the body clearly move. From there to imagine that his death was staged…

Jay Z:

According to many conspiracy, Jay is one of the greatest representatives of the Illuminati. When he appears in public, he still joined hands to create a pyramid. This would be the symbol of the new “World Order” under the control of Lucifer.


Like everyone else, Madonna thinks of her death. And in the wild hope where scientists succeed in finding how to bring people back to life, the Queen of Pop would want to be cryogenized after her death. For this, she would have even asked the help of several scientists working on cell preservation methods by cold.


The singer of “I Believe I Can Fly” had ordered the plane crash responsible of Aaliyah’s death. The reason is that the singer did not want her to testify during his trial. In fact, both stars were married. At the time Aaliyah was 15 and R. Kelly 27 years!

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