Beyoncé & Jay Z : parents at Blue Ivy’s school are mad at them.

Beyoncé and Jay Z love their daughter and they want to make sure that she is taken good care of, as a real little princess should be. While the couple has recently made the move to Los Angeles, they have enrolled Blue in an elite private school in Los Angeles for which they pay a $15K tuition every year!

If only rich people’s kids are enrolled into this school and you would think that it must be the place for all the craziest eccentricities you could think of, it appears that some parents are not happy with the fact that the Carters are disrupting the daily routine at the pre-school.

A website reports thatBlue has two cars and three bodyguards that take her to and from school daily. Blue is rumoured to be the kid who has the most attendants asa security motorcade drops her off and picks her up from school.

Do you think they are doing too much?

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