Beyoncé: does she have a thing for LeBron James?

At this point, we do not know what to believe. Even if Jay Z and Beyoncé display a lot of affection and love on stage, at various events or on social media, close people to them keep saying that the couple is going through tough times and is always on the verge of divorcing.

Lately, stories been running up by gossip sites and magazines that Queen Bee would be lusting after a friend of her husband… LeBron James! One of the top players of the NBA, LeBron is a married man, but it seems that Beyoncé still has a thing for him. While Hov and Bee often attend basketball games, the latter has been caught by the cameras looking at Bron Bron and her body language has been analyzed by various experts.

Whether she is playing with her hair while staring at him or crossing her legs and pointing one of them at LeBron, experts claim that these are signs that she is clearly into him. Both express a desire for hot and passionate sex.

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